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JCR Improves Hungaryʼs Outlook To Positive

Tokyo-based Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) has improved the outlook of Hungaryʼs long-term issuer ratings from stable to positive, the National Economy Ministry (NGM) announced yesterday. More...

Philosophy, mission, vision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fejér County shall set an ideal example of the operation of economic self-government and propagate decent entrepreneurial behaviour as a value.

IEER Monthly Economic Bulletin - January 2016

February 17. 2016.

The Bulletin's new series kicks off with an extensive survey on public (fostered) workers. The survey, conducted autumn last year, finds. that most companies surveyed have not been involved in public work programmes at all and those that have been, evaluated the impact on their business negatively. The January issue also looks at the crisis of the Brazilian economy and predicts that  negative trends are not likely to turn around in 2016. Read or download the full Bulletin.

European Professional Card, EPC

February 08. 2016.

The European professional card (EPC) is available from 18 January 2016 for five professions (general care nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, real estate agents and mountain guides). It might be extended to other professions in the future.

Key results of CCI of Fejér County

Key results of FMKIK:

ISO 9001: 2008 since 2004, operation according to ISO 14001:2004 standard since 2015

2006 'Committed to Excellence' recognition in Europe

2009 'Recognised for Excellence' recognition in Europe

2009 First Rank European Enterprise Awards Hungarian National Round

2015 German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Training Award

The Greenest Chamber

The House of Economy is an Energy Model House, which not only brings the attention to energy efficient solutions of generations  but serves as benchmark of sustainable development. House of Economy For a More Sustainable Behaviour – Pilot Project in Fejér County aims to promote the general public environmental awareness and energy consciousness.